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By Hafizullah Emadi

The situation of Hindus and Sikhs as a persecuted minority is a little-studied topic in literature dealing with ethno-sectarian conflict in Afghanistan. Hindu and Sikh communities' history and role in Afghanistan's development are examined through a structural, political, socioeconomic, and perceptual analysis of the minority populations since the country gained its independence in 1919.

By Hafizullah Emadi

Hindus and Sikhs, longtime minority religious communities in Afghanistan, have played a major role in the social, cultural, and economic development of the country. Their history in Afghanistan has not been faithfully documented nor relayed beyond the country's borders by their resident educated strata or religious leaders, rendering them virtually invisible and voiceless within and outside of their country borders. The situation of Hindu and Sikh women in Afghanistan is significantly more marginalized socially and politically.

By Raveena Mata

To what extent has the emergence of a diaspora been a force for cultural change in the Afghan Hindu and Sikh diaspora community in the West?

By Om Perkash Piassa

Von unseren eigenen Gemeinden bekomme ich immer wieder die Frage gestellt, woher wir kommen und warum unsere Vorfahren nach Afghanistan auswanderten. Da ich mir diese Fragen auch oft selbst gestellt hatte, habe ich mich auf eine Reise in die Vergangenheit der Hindus begeben und hoffe, mit diesem Buch einige offene Fragen beantworten zu können.

By Ischer Dass

Afghanistan wird bei uns wahrgenommen als islamisches Land. Weitgehend unbekannt ist, dass Afghanistan vor der Islamisierung ein multireligiöses Land war: Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhisten und andere Religionen hatten viele Anhänger. Heute sind diese Gläubigen eine oftmals unterdrückte Minderheit, die versucht zu überleben. Dieses Buch gibt persönliche, authentische Auskunft über die afghanischen Hindus und Sikhs.

By Nushin Arbabzadeh

Secret Sub-Cultures, Hidden Worlds and the Everyday Life of the Absurd 

In a series of essays, Nushin Arbabzadeh takes readers through her own observations of unknown worlds in Afghanistan. Includes stories of Afghan Sikh, Hindu, and Jewish communities. 

By Sanmeet kaur

Sanmeet Kaur shares her personal experiences of life as an Afghan Sikh in the UK

By Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet Singh recounts a thousand years of history in the first full-length English book on Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.

By Fabrizio Foschini

A short history on political relationships and representations of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan.

By Mark Magnier and Hashmat Baktash

How decades of violence in Afghanistan have affected the Sikh community in particular.



By Pritpal Singh

There is fear and desperation in their empty eyes. They have no livelihood and no work; and their growing children receive no education. Their daughters do not have much hope of finding suitable matches; and they are not certain where the next meal would come from. Many women and children live in Gurdwaré, Sikh place of worship relying on free kitchen And so, a young adventurous Afghan Sikh, Pritpal Singh, who had left Afghanistan 2 decades ago, set out from the UK to document the suffering of fellow Afghan Sikhs and Hindus communities in Afghanistan. The film "MISSION AFGHANISTAN" portrays the life and hardships of minorities in War-torn Afghanistan."


By Pritpal Singh

This film focuses on the Afghan Sikh and Hindu communities, but this time through the lens of Afghan immigrants to the UK, particularly Southall in London. Strongly reflecting Afghan pride and ancestry, the documentary is primarily filmed in Dari/ Farsi with English narration. ‘Hindu Kush to Thames' is filmed and directed by Ariadne Bechthold with support of the Gharghasht Gharghakht, Afghan Voice Radio (UK), in collaboration with Pritpal Singh (TheDutchSikh), Ajmeet Singh (Flo Studio) and Harkiran Kaur.


By Karanjee Gaba Productions

The language 'Hindko' first came into Afghanistan just after Muhmud of Ghazni; the conquered his victory against India and bought men across to Afghanstan where the development of the language Hindko started to begin. 1000s of years later, that language is still spoken with many alterations. As for myself, it was a shock to find out that I also speak that language. In this documentary I unfold the memories of Afghanstan by speaking to the knowledgeable author Dr Harbans Singh Handa, an Afghan Hindu and President of Asa Mai Mandir, Dr Amar Nath Kakkar and lastly Pritpal Singh, the filmmaker of many films such as “Mission Afghanistan” and “Hindu Kush to Thames.” Pritpal Singh speaks about his experience on how the language has been changed and altered by communities around the globe. The language that Afghan Sikhs speak include “Hindko” and not many of us are aware of it, including myself. The film gives us an insight on the History of language as well as the background of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus culture.


By BBC Our World

For centuries, a significant Sikh minority has grown in relative safety in Afghanistan. But, in the last decade, persecution has seen the population drop.


By Shabd Singh and Asha Marie Kaur

Afghan Sikhs are a dwindling minority in their home country. Learn how their unique position in Afghan society made them targets for competing Islamist factions. And how they do not see their oppression as an Islamic problem but a complex political one.